News & Views – Winter 2017

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Happy Birthday to You!!!! 4th QUARTER BIRTHDAYS

  •  Jeff Thurgood – October 2nd
  • Joe Salazar – October 10th
  • Tyson Panter – October 11th
  • Dennis George – October 29th
  • Leigh Winchester – October 29th
  • Rob Ranck – November 2nd
  • CJ Killian – November 5th
  • Brad Burrell –  November 14th
  • Damien Gutierrez  – November 11th
  • Mark Nielsen – December 1st
  • Mitch Goddard – December 3rd
  • Trevor Graves – December 11th
  • Jeison Ruiz – December 21st 2018


  • Curtis Hufstetler – February 11th
  • Kurt Ottley – February 11th
  • Bryan Mitchell – February 16th
  • Santi Suarez – February 18th
  • Kyle Draney – February 20th
  • Stetson Jeppesen – February 26th
  • Conner Crosby – March 6th
  • Chad Syme – March 6th
  • Shanze Simmons – March 12th
  • Al Syme – March 14th
  • Don Salazar March 19th
  • Manny Munoz – March 24th
  • Heather Shurtliff – March 24th

Employees of the Quarter

Every quarter CTI highlights one exemplary team member who has gone above and beyond to illustrate and live the CTI work ethic and team spirit. This quarter, CTI felt it necessary to honor two employees as employee of the quarter:
4th Qtr – Shanze Simmons

4th Qtr – Mitch Goddard Safety Employees of the Quarter

We also like to recognize a team member each quarter who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to Safety. The recipient of Safety Employee of the Quarter is:
4th Qtr – Lucas Smith
This year we would like to congratulate Rob Ranck for winning employee of the year. On top of being recognized for his amazing work ethic, Rob will have the opportunity to take an all-expenses paid trip to a destination of his choice, presented by CTI. Where are we going, Rob?

Employee Spotlight

We are excited to announce the newest member to our CTI Family!!!

Meet Miss Stella Noelle McKinlay 7 pounds 8 ounces 19 inches Born December 7, 2017 at 7:38 a.m. to Amanda McNeely, and her husband, Mitch


CTI and Northern Construction are excited to (FINALLY!!!) announce the completion of the Fire Crash Rescue Station at Hill Air Force Base on December 30, 2017.

The facility has two administration floors and a 15,400-square foot seven-bay apparatus. The first floor is 12,496 square feet and boasts its own chef’s kitchen, sauna, and weight/fitness room.

CTI and Northern Construction wouldn’t have been able to do it without our amazing employees!

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