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CTI is Fully Licensed– Always choose electricians that are licensed and certified by accredited institutions. Make sure the company they work for is trustworthy and provides their electricians with proper training and equipment.

CTI has an Impeccable Reputation – The best electrical contractors and electrical companies will come highly recommended by people you can trust and will come with references you can check. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. CTI is a highly qualified and certified electrical company you will be happy to hire them.

CTI has Plenty of Experience – You want to be sure when someone is working on your home or office that they have the experience necessary to do the job safely, correctly, efficiently, and that when the job is completed everything will work as it should.

CTI is Honest and Communicates Concerns Properly – A good electrician will explain what needs to be done, what problem the solution addresses, and will be upfront with a fair price for the work that is required.

CTI is There For You When You Need Us – Electrical problems don’t keep a nine to five schedule. That’s why CTI will provide emergency service so you won’t be left stumbling around in the dark

Self-perform is a hot topic in the construction industry, but what is it exactly and why does it matter? When self-performing, CTI Electrical completes the electrical scope with its own skilled labor force. Often, self-performing scopes of work can benefit a project. More importantly, self-perform capabilities add value for all clients.

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