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LEED Certified

We are committed to developing customized, innovative and affordable sustainable building solutions. CTI’s preconstruction team members have extensive experience in incorporating green elements into preconstruction planning. In fact, many of our preconstruction professionals are LEED Accredited Professionals (AP’s). Well-versed in high-performance, energy efficient solutions, we are dedicated to reducing energy and environmental impacts in support of your bottom line. Our expertise results in projects that meet your goals for both budget and sustainability

CTI has the experience to deliver environmentally-sustainable projects, including adaptive reuse / redevelopment projects within historically significant structures.

CTI’s team includes LEED Certified Professionals who are adept at evaluating proposed development processes for potential LEED certification through the USGS.

At CTI, sustainable construction involves:

Design and construction of buildings

Best value analysis – Evaluation of material performance

Reduced waste – Improve construction technologies and processes

Commissioning – Energy and resource efficiency in buildings

Constructability – Operation and maintenance improvements

Materials reuse/Recycling – Transferability of embodied energy

Integrated Design Process – Owner/Stakeholder participation

Indoor Environmental Quality – Healthy and safe working conditions

Innovative Life Cycle Cost Analysis models

Reduced carbon footprint – Flexibility in building design with respect to future use, function or change

We don’t just “talk” green, we deliver sustainable construction practices across all projects we undertake, these efforts include Minimum waste diversion, on-site recycling, Tier4 emissions implementation and Spill Prevention and Response prevention programs that protect the environment and the communities in which we work.

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